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Nirvana / Tad / Mudhoney 'Lame Fest U.K.'

Nirvana / Tad / Mudhoney 'Lame Fest U.K.'

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One of the rarest Nirvana shirts.

Originally purchased at London Astoria, December 3rd 1989.

"In London, Nirvana performed the largest show of their young career.Although they were the first band of the night, the crowd immediately responded to Nirvana’s energy.The other two Sub Pop acts, TAD and Mudhoney, raged it as well, and the legendary Lamefest UK showcase became history.The following week, England’s New Music Express proclaimed -

'Nirvana is Sub Pop’s answer to the Beatles' "

-Bruce Pavitt (SubPop)


Pit to pit 23"

Top to bottom 30"

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